Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DaMia daN AbAh

every time i spend my time cooking, my syah will have to look after the little damia... he will do many things to keep the lil girl quiet, like playing peekaboo (sometimes both the daughter and father laugh, most of the times only the father laughs... huhuuu), singing (of course the song is entertaining only for damia, as he is not a gud singer.. hehe) and many many more... (he is good at joking to make damia laughs)...

sometimes i eavesdrop to what syah says to damia n one of the things said by him yesterday was... "haaa,.. tgk niiii.. abah ade remote magik...tiiinngg..bile abah tekan nih, bole kuar orang kat dalam peti tuuu..."

he was actually referring to remote control that damia loves to play with.. we really need to find a toy remote control for her because she sometimes press the volume button and makes us "terkanyak"... huuhuuuu..