Monday, May 25, 2009

HarGa SeOrang DaMia

yesterday we went to carrefour.. as i was checking an item at the price checker, my hubby said ..."mari kite tengok berapa harga damia..".. (sambil cuba mengacukan damia dkt price checker tuu.. ) "laa, xde price tag rupenyeee damia nih.." ...damia terpinga2 tak mengerti.. ate takde keghoje betoi laaa laki aku tuuu...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DaMia daN AbAh

every time i spend my time cooking, my syah will have to look after the little damia... he will do many things to keep the lil girl quiet, like playing peekaboo (sometimes both the daughter and father laugh, most of the times only the father laughs... huhuuu), singing (of course the song is entertaining only for damia, as he is not a gud singer.. hehe) and many many more... (he is good at joking to make damia laughs)...

sometimes i eavesdrop to what syah says to damia n one of the things said by him yesterday was... "haaa,.. tgk niiii.. abah ade remote magik...tiiinngg..bile abah tekan nih, bole kuar orang kat dalam peti tuuu..."

he was actually referring to remote control that damia loves to play with.. we really need to find a toy remote control for her because she sometimes press the volume button and makes us "terkanyak"... huuhuuuu..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HAppY BiRtHdaY

Last week, on 10th May 2009 was syah's birthday... it was celebrated together with his family members in tapah.. it was unsuccessful surprise birthday party..hehhe..actually we didn't really plan how it was supposed to be held...

we (my in laws and I) bought a cake n some fried chicken.. (we already had a kenduri cukur jambul during the day, so we were quite full on that nite).. i asked my sis in law to accompany syah to the nite market, so we managed to arrange the tables n the cake 4 the party... then, we just sat down waiting for him to arrive, without discussing what we were supposed to do at the moment he arrived.. n suddenly one of his cousins asked: "why not we hide in the house (we prepared everything at the house compound) and surprise him as he entered the house?"... so two of the cousins and i got into the house when we knew that syah was about to arrive...unlickily, we left the candle-lit-cake at the compound and some of the family members were still sitting at the house compound in the dark next to the cake...

to make it even worse, the cousins and i were hiding behind the sliding door and peeping outside, not knowing what will happen next... one of the cousins even said "tepi, tepi, aku nk nengok muke dia terkejut"... then, here comes my husband and said "xtekejut pooonnn... sambil tergelak2, he said "sape yg main wayang kulit kat sliding door tu, nmpak bayang2 org kat situ... pastu, xpenah2nye langsir dkt sliding door tu bertutup kalo ade tetamu, tetibe je tutup plak, siap ade bayang org mengintai2 kat situ..."and the cake?? dah ternampak awal2 lagi as he approached the gate, sbb dah nyalakan lilin tu awal2...

yg lagi satu kantoinye, sbb our cousins yg dtg tu, dah park kete masing2 dpn umah, padahal waktu siangnye diorang dah balik umah masing2, so my husband saspek something la, nape majlis cukur jambulnye dah abis, diorang nih datang semula kat umah nih?? ... huhuhhuuuu

then, we spent the nite laughing at each other while eating the cake.. damia?? dah tido awal2 lagi.. the pic above was taken 3days before syah's birthday, as one of the presents from damia..

ape2 pun, the main purpose of the party was achieved.. we planned the party to let him know that we remember the date.. so, xkesahlaaa mcm mane tonggang tebalik pun plan utk majlis tu, aiman xkesaaahh... heheheee

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Balik Ganu

Last weekend, Damia and her family went back to her ibu's hometown, ganu... it was hot sunny days at tok wan n tok chek's house.. damia was sweating from head to toe.. bau masyumnye tak ingat..hheheeh..

we went to visit damia's cousin, aunties, tok ngah, and all... and everybody said damia is dumuk, but her ibu doesn't think soo.. (damia can become more dumuk than now, bcoz ibu doesn't think damia is dumuk enough)..hehee..

these are the pictures taken during her visit.. damia and her cousin, Husna Batrisyia